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April 3 , 2018


 Like A Pro.

If I have a specific account I am prospecting for,LeadIQ allows me to pull that list upas well as relevant contact that would be worth reaching out to ! It is also easy for me to organize all of my campaigns in order to keep the 2000+ saved leads separate and organized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a trial ?

We have a 7-day trial and during the trial period you will also be given 100 credits to use for free!

Where does LeadIQ gets its data?

We pull our data from publicly available sources. We also have machine learning that helps to validate contact details making LeadIQ one of the most accurate resources on the web for sales teams. We also perform 111 different queries per second to find and validate contact information. That’s a lot of mouse clicks!

How are you different than a database tool?

Database tools typically have very low quality data.They also reinforce mass messaging and outreach ,which we know is not effective. With LeadIQ we help you prospect smarter by giving you only the contact details you need.

What kind of support do you offer ?

In addition to in app support we also offer a robust knowledge base and coming soon a LeadIQ University. Our mission is to help sales teams prospect smarter and we work to make sure you have all the resources you need to maximize your outbound.

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